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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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when riding to the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill oriley. remember that the pin starts here. we are looking out for you. ♪ >> good morning to you. today is thursday september twenth thanks for watching "fox and friends" first. it is time for our 5 at 5. top 5 stoir stores making news at this hour and we begin with a lock out over. late last night the nfl and the rev rev's union reached a deal. the union was looking for bigger salaries and improved retirement benefits. both sides begin back to back
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negotiations following monday night's controversial call that gave the sea hawks a win over the packers. regular refs are expected to be back on the ground tonight. >> and moving from one battle ground state to the next. both president obama and mitt romney will be in virginia. the president will speak to a crowd in virginia beach and mitt romney will attend a rally in fairfax county. it shows president obama ahead by 7 percent of error three percent. >> iran's president said our country is in cahoots with the difficult and his view of the world does not include our country or israel. >> major defense contractor slashing jobs.
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they blamed financial hard ship. the pentagon plans to slash 500 billion from the budget unless congress steps n. president regan once called him a national treasure. moon river singer andy williams has died after a year long battle with cancer. ♪ moon river. [applause] ♪ ♪ i'm crossing you in style some day. >> such a beautiful voice. williams voice spanned decades . he hosted a andy williams show and spun off to his famous christmas specials. he was friends with elvis and bobby kennedy. bobby kennedy once asked him to be a delegate. >> i can't do this for you. because i was a republican.
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he never knew i was a republican. >> andy williams was 84 years old and that is your 5 at 5. >> bomb shell new report suggest that the white house knew 24 hours the deadly attack on the consulate was the work of al-qaida. and yet the president has yet to call it a terrorist attack. >> you are right. president obama has not called the deadly raid on our consulate in benghazi, libya a terrorist attack even though some in his administration and secretary of state hilary clinton going so far to say that it was linked to al-qaida. >> they are working with other violent extremist to undermine democratic transitions in africa as we tragically saw in benghazi. >> the president's press secretary jay carny was asked
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why his boss hasn't called it a terrorist attack. just because he doesn't say it out loud doesn't mean he hasn't acknowledged it was terrorist. the president talked eloquently at about the attack that killed four americans in the general assembly. it is holely unacceptable to repond to the video with violence regardless of the reason. and the republican national committee has a newad out. critizing the president calling the attack bumps in the road. >> it is serious situation over there and i said what the american people and what the press ought to be asking. and i think it is agredgous
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what is happen nothing the media asking this president. what happened over in libya? what happened when they were essentially unarmed? were we warned? what did we know and when did we know it? >> in his speech to the united nations president obama defended the right to free speech even thote creation allowed for the hateful film that stoked the protest in the middle east. he said he will protect the first amendment in the united states. >> moving on to the presidential election. throughout the election season main critized the main stream media for favoring. but is it swaying the election? that's what bill and karl rove are talking about. >> when new's agency like the
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cbs news on the radio report the polling and it shows that barak obama is leapt to a big league they gets in people's mind and that can only help the president. that helps the president because the perception that he will be the winner? >> right. and this was not easy to dig out the numbers. they are not printed in the website and go into the instrument and dig the data out of there. >> mitt romney's wife ann going on the record with greta discussing the current state of the campaign and what it is like to watch him get critized. >> when you love someone and he's out there putting himself on the line. it is hard for the families to see them beaten up so.
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he goes out and makes things better. and he's really quite an extraordinary person. the only thing i can do to bring clarity to the issue is stand there and be a character witness for my husband who is a good and decent person who i have seen in our years was marriage always caring for others. he's not the guy that talks about things. >> make sure you tune in with your world with neal cavuto who will be joined by mitt romney's running mate paul ryan. >> janice dean has more on the storms in the plains. >> yes, 5:00, do you know where your umbrella is? in the midatlantic and transmittal u.s.. you can see the. there is a frontal boundary draped back through the ohio valley. and north of that cooler and dryer air and south of that humid area.
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45 in minneapolis and 51 in denver and 51 in provo. and you can see thal zone in the midatlantic and ohio valley and central plains. we could see severe weather in texas and oklahoma up toward colorado. severe weather threat and damaging winds and isolated tornados and not looking for a severe weather outbreak. your travel forecast looking pretty good. we'll watch out for showers and showers and thunderstorms. back to you. >> tranquil. good word this morning. bill orilele would be proud. >> and now stories you can bank on. when it comes to income growth. dennis joins us. what is it all about. >> personal income in
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republican red states up more than in the democratic blue states in the past five years. income in 23 red states up 4.6 percent since the recession began that compares with 0.5 percent. and dozen swings states and come up with that in the four and half years. red republican states benefited from government tans fer sphates. and government pending on those programs nation wide is up 25 percent poor red states in the south saw a surge in income because of it which for republicans can get acward. >> interesting, and college enrollment going up as well as the debt. >> it is a related vein. student debt stains the balance sheets was one in five
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american households. pug, had's research found 24 million homes had college debt in average load of 27,000. and double the share of homes and up 15 percent in only three years. that is a biggest three year increase. and worse yet. easy government loan money lured in the poor. and biggest burdep false on the young and poor and homes with income. average college debt is 20,000. and 40 percent headed by someone younger than age 35. that's something that the democrats didn't have in mind when they comman derthe market. >> new deon the apple feud. two corporate control freaks. apple one, wanted voice
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direction and google had that and google didn't want to give it to them and so it goes. >> dennis neal, good to see you. >>. >> it is 10 minutes after the top. hour. police department in one town going to the dogs literally. you will not believe who the top dog is now. another attempt to find jimmy hoffa's body. police receiving another tip to have where he was buried. could this crack the case. >> and look at the putches. national average standing at 3.80 a gal lon. bob...
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like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, yoargeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. 14 after the hour. a bridge that borders eagle pass, texas and mexico is open
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following a bomb thrempt it was closed down for six hours after finding a suspicious local reports said it was a grenade but that was not confirmed. and evange list rick warren is in the hospital after experiencing numb and pain. further testing is being done to find out if it is a virus. >> another look at who is talking. bob woodward is talking author of "the price of politics". woodward said the associate editor of the post and sat down with hannity to discuss the economy. >> it is beyond unsustainable . poem are talking about about the fiscal cliff coming and new tax increases and spending cut us. but the really problem is in
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february when out of the necessity who is president will have to go to the congress and say we need a trillion or two trillion in borrowing authority to pay our debts. we have got i mean, this is a conservative message which people, whether they agree with you or not. >> this is real. >> this is real. and we are on a spending binge. >> woodward will appear on "fox and friends" to discuss the economy and next fiscal cliff is just around the corner. there are fewer than 100 days before we reach that impending fiscal cliff. the expiration of bush tax cuts the start of a trillion dollars of budget cuts. tax magedon is unsettling to one large segment of the
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economy and mike emanuel explains. >> many small business owners are expressing anxiety as the u.s. economy faces the fiscal cliff. that is in tax hikes and government spending cut to do you to take affect in the new year. >> i want to grow and invest in the community and holding things back just because of the uncertainty. >> a survey by the manufacturers and independent business revealed 55 percent say federal regulations and taxes and government spending and cost of health insurance hurt the economy and their businesses and 2-thirds say there is too much uncertainty. >> small businesses are on the sidelines and clearly not inclined to invest now at least until they see what will happen between now and the end of the year. >> experts say it is risk and reward and business owners
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will not gamble their money when they have no idea what the government might impose. >> if we don't maintain the current tax rate or reform, they will have to pull back. it hurts their budget that means they stop hiring. >> peeker john boehner noticed they passed a bill for sequestration and allow time to work on comprehensive tax reform. before leaving washington, the senate majority leader focused on the tax cuts for the middle class. >> congressional sources say it will largely be basod who will win the election. that party has the leverage as the clock clicks for the fiscal cliff. >> it is 18 after the hour. we are three hours away from the latest jobsidate a. if you are looking for work, cheril casone is here.
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>> new details about the life of osama bin laden including a child hood injury that impaired him for the rest of his life.
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>> it is 22 after the hour. here are head lines for you. there might be a break in a thren year old murder mystery of union boss jimmy hoffa. a house in roseville where his body might be buried under the driveway . he went missing in 1975 police department in a new mexico town going to the dogings literally. the police chief resigned that he was not authorized to carry a gun because of a criminal background and all that is left on the force is a drug
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sniffing dog named micka . >> federal reserve chief ben bernanke said the fed's latest stim tim was motivated by the need to get more americans back to work. we'll get a look at who is hiring right now. cheril casonny is back. >> good morning. and we want to start with medifad. and jenny craig are growing and hiring and so it is a great way to work out and get a job and help people out at the same time. 150 jobs by the end of the year. production and distribution and work in call center and many don't want to go to the centers ceo of the company was on my fox business show and asked him where the growth is coming from. >> we are coming out with 11
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new products over the last few months and more in november. we have send great success and growing at over 20 percent. our growth rate is high. >> he had a lot of -- he took over his brother's position in the company. >> bj restaurant. >> from dieting to now food. burger frys and shakes. they are hiring and 123 casual dining restaurants 2400 to 3200 austin and veg and college station and hoim. aggies and voted best place to work. benefits. full-time and hourly employees are eligible for benefits we look at that. if you can get some health benefits and retirement. take what you can get.
5:25 am
that is precious at this point. >> that is money in your pocket and right here at home? >> right here at home elder care . we are seeing a big boost in this type of company and franchise. right at home inhome elder care. you don't have to be a nurse. people don't want to go to nursing homes and they don't want to go to hospitals. they want to die in their homes and this is 500 jobs and 200 care givers it doesn't have to be a nurse. you can help with bills and drive and get around the household. and that is another 2500 and nurse 45,000 to 61000. and care givers $1x -- $18. baltimore and rock and orlando and tucson. and you get health benefits as well something to consider.
5:26 am
and maybe feel good helping poem as they get to the end of the life and being there for them. >> cheril, reminder that you can see her on the fox net work. to find out where the jobs are log on to casone. >> and a major development in football. let nfl and regular rev revs reaching a deal. when will they go back to the field? we'll tell you. scary moment for passengers on board of a flight and preparing to land at j.f.k.. we'll tell you first on this day in history. 1908. model t ford is completed in the plant in detroit. ♪
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♪ welcome back to "fox and friends" first. i am patty brown. i am ainsley. and 5:30 on the east coast. top five stories making news. israeli prime minister netanyahu set to speak before the un. after the government's twitter
5:31 am
account tweeted an article of president obama for failing to put the country at ease over iran's nuclear. >> he will be there if things go bad. president obama did not meet with prime minister netanyahu while he was here in new york. it was as if the hand of good turned the wheel. this from the response tome following a miracle landing in j.f.k. airport. >> a flight was descending yesterday when the nose gear failed. when the plane was 50 feet above the runway the gear locked in place. none of the people on board were hurt. >> new details about osama bin laden in a tribute in a radical islamic website. he was blind in one eye after an accident when he was a child. and also said bin laden was at one time a member of the
5:32 am
muslim brotherhood. controversial group that climbed to power in egyp reportedly bin laden was kicked out of the brotherhood for insisting on waging jihad on the soviet union and afghanistan. teams in a kansas high school launching a profest in the obama calorie limits. ♪ ♪ we are hungry. >> so the usda now has a solution to ease hunger pains. eat a snack. many students are outraged about the regulation that 850 calories and that doesn't cut it for them. >> three people are missing after a deadly him layian avalanche. one of the survivors extreme skier glen blake is speaking out. he's one of the luckiest
5:33 am
people and he did what he could to find his fren no, sir the after math. >> total devastation and like an earthquake and like a sunshine sunshine and it tunce tsunami and i had to think of my own life. >> two of his friends are among the three missings. at least 8 people were killed. those are your 5 at five-- five time tim 30. we are inching closer to the election and presidential debate and president obama and mitt romney are on the campaign trail trying to swing the voters in the swing state. >> fewer than 40 to go and less than a week before the presidential debate. two states are in the cross hairs. ohio a traditional swing state and the other one virginia.
5:34 am
a newer kind of swing state and both of them will be there today both of them in ohio yesterday. they are following one another. and these guys might as well share the same campaign plane. president obama tried to rally voters and turned a gaffe into a attack. >> i want to seeous export near yobs and export more products, excuse me. i was channeling my opponent there for a second. and the mitt romney campaign tried to get a boost from a favorite ohio son jack nicholas. he was in toledo attacking the president for running up the debt. >> it is not good for the economy or jobs and in my view it is immoral for us to pass on obligation of kids.
5:35 am
we got to stop. >> polls are daunting andine as the mitt romney campaign questions the validity of the numbers. they may serve as a wake-up call. >> if there is a oversampling of democrats in the polls. if he wants to win the presidency, he has to campaign and make up ground he lost. >> yet, that is the conventional wisdom and if numbers are down, mitt romney should assume they are correct and run from behind obama campaign should assume they are wrong and race is closer than they indicate. back to you guys. >> doug, luzader, thank you. >> and before you leave the house this morning, get your first weather. some are waking toup stormy weather. >> we are seeing showers in the u.s..
5:36 am
west coast fairly dry and will remain that way across the central plains and ohio river valley and northeast and midatlantic we are seeing showers and thunderstorms. don't think we will see a severe weather outbreak but we could see the potential for rain and heavy thunderstorms in portions of texas and oklahoma and colorado and kansas. look at your attaches. we have a bound rye and cooler dryer air north . boundary warm and humid sultry air and feels like summer time in dallas. and 79 in kansas 73 and 81 in los angeles. if you are traveling today. not to bad in the airports. light showers possible for boston and new york. but looking good for memphis and dallas. you could see a thunderstorm later on today. and light travel in portland. hit or miss showers in the northeast and midatlantic.
5:37 am
call ahead. always a good bet. >> good advice. >> does it foal like your household is not bringing home the bacon like it used to. how much incomes have actually dropped and here to break it down for us. robert gray. >> good morning ainsley. and research headed by a former couple guys did the survey the household wealth is sliding more interesting than that. since the recovery began. we have seen median next dropping more and they are off by 5.sevenpercent. and the median take home now. 450,964 and that's going back to the 1990s level. when you look at inflation adjusted. and that is the nation slipping in recession at 34.6
5:38 am
hours. and this is following up from the federal reserve talking about the loss of wealth. they had a big report out and a separate report from the census bureau as well we look at incomes dropping and talk about the political campaign and pundits looking at the income since the president took office. we are seeing an 8 percent drop in that time period and look at the growing poverty line accord toth census bureau. income of $23,000 or less. 15 percent in 2011, of the households in the poverty area. and guys, that is up from thren.3 back in 2007, back to you. have a good one. >> it is 38 after the hour and time to step in the fox foit with michael. first up. robetter pattinson taking back kristin stewart. >> big news.
5:39 am
trihards and that includes you, with breathe a sigh of relief. we learned that robert pattinson and kristen stewart are making up and reconciled and back to living with each other again but the drama is not over. but pattinson is extra sensitive and little secower. >> you cane blame him for that one. >> jersey shore. j-wow is engaged. >> jersey show jenny jay wow farley. her boyfriend of two and half years proposed. roger matthews is set to propose after they popped out of a airplane. she confirmed the news on the blog and they were sky land after landing she was surprised with a hand written sign and a sevenand half caret ring. they saved the news so it was
5:40 am
caught by reality tv cameras. >> this one is upsetting if you are a joge strait fan, high's parking the tour bus. >> george straight is getting ready to park the tour bus for good. ♪ [singing] ♪ this is where the cowboy rides away. >> during a press conference strait announced that the cowboy is riding away from the stage. he said in two years hanging up his hat as far as tours going. he will pay 20 next year and 20 after that and then the end of the road. >> i always done want to show up and book a tour and no body came. >> he will be recording music and making live appearances here and there. >> he doesn't have to worry about that. >> if he's anything like cher
5:41 am
. >> he sat down with the gallery girls. >> and that is bravo gallery girls and trying to break into the cut throat business of the art world from art shows and financial struggles. they capture the gallery girls twov those stepped in the pot light. >> it was stressful and going to school and interning. >> what can you expect for the finale? >> we are in the cross road making the next decision for our career and trying to figure out what our next move will be. i am juggling a job and intern help and have to figure out what i am going to do. >> the finale on bravo. catch moy entire interview with the gallery girls and for all of the latest buzz, check
5:42 am
me out on twitter. we are getting followers. >> always good to have you on, michael. thank you so much. it is now 41 after the top of the hour. this debacle from monday night is what everyone is talking about. and this morning, major developments regarding the rev revs. nfl making the mouv to bringlet regular refs back. and ahmadinejad taking the frugal rout in his visit to new york on his shopping spree. snoit ♪
5:43 am
♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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>> 45 after the hour and we'll span the globe and what stories over seas.
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the riots against want new round of spending cuts turned increasingly violent. ep i people juned the union organized march . this shows a police officer on fire but luckily he was okay 10s of thousands of people in libya mourned a 22 year old's debt. he was spot and torteured by gaddafi supporters. and in spain one man is no master of disguise. he was trying to sneak over by hiding inside of the seat of the car. they touched the seat and felt a human . he and two others were taken boo custody. >> now a fox news alert. lock out is over. four months after being off of the field. rev rev's union reached a
5:47 am
tentative deal with the nfl officials and back on the field tonight. steve heely has more now from outside of the home of the eagle necessary south philadelphia. good morning, steve . there will be a loud cheer for sunday night football when the giants come to play the eagles and probably for the eagles first touchdown and first appearance of the reg rev revs back in. replacement refs are out bad calls by those replacement refs and bad behavior of the coaches and league who spent so much money and time, seems to be what got the deal down. they will be back for the ravens ground game and the team of rev revs will get the loudest cheer than the home team. all 121 regular rev revs will
5:48 am
meet in dallas tomorrow to ratify the eight year deal and average pay will go up to $150,000 to $205,000 by the last year of the contract and the first big break through in the talks came to have a practice squad of refs to step in to replace the rev revs that are not making right calls and the pension was the biggest stumbling block. they will keep it until 2016 and then a 401 k goes in with them and financial problems in the nfl. not a bad part-time job. $205,000 a year? >> not at all. i might do bad playing calling like what happened last monday. thank you, steve. 48 after the hour. could former president clinton
5:49 am
be seeking a run for an office. ? and steve doocy coming up on "fox and friends". bob mass i our real estate expert is down in tampa and launching his rebuilding our dreams program. and so many people are under water with their mortgages and what not. bob has help for people who need it and stewart varney will join us and perhaps he identified a new solyndra that the administration is helping out and john mccane and other law makers wrote a letter to the president of the united states. hey, we don't think your administration is honest about what happened in libya. the senator joins us live and we hope you do, too. "fox and friends" kicks off in 10 minutes on the fox news channel. ♪
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>> it is it eights to the top. hour. bill clint thinking of running for the president of france? he can do it. hes born in arkansas and the was part of the louisiana purchase and he would have to live there six mocts and speak french fluently ahmadinejad in new york city those under them are scouring for cheap shoes and bargain hunting members spotted shopping in a pay less shoe store. vores in the battle ground state of iowa can cast their ballot for presidentthe gop gets a bigger turn out on election day. six weeks left of voting, both
5:54 am
campaigns are forced to shake up the strategies, shannon green has the latest. >> president obama won early balloting in 2008 experts believe that early voters may be evenly split. it has to do with which are feeling more motivate enthusiastic and republicans are given a slight advantage in that respect. but experts warn it means that early votes will not counsel at all. >> in 2008, 400,000 ballots were rejected because voters didn't follow the proper procedure. they didn't sign the envelope and node witness signature there are many way to disenfranchise themselves. >> the mccane campaign didn't have money to invest in that. romney campaign is in a better
5:55 am
position and spending lots of money and time in states where early voting will be underway. >> a significant number are now voting and the fact is, you have to be on message all of the time whether you are a republican or independent or democrat. that message needs to be crystal clear and why romney is spectacular as he is compaining. you realize voters are casts. analyst believe that 35 percent of the votes will be cast in the early voting. >> thank you, shannon. a child acting fast to save her mother's life. all part of the good, bad and ugly. >> and can you figure out the word of the day? there it is. it is scram bemed up. >> a lot of e's in the word. i know it. copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here.
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hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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♪ >> a minute until the top of the hour. we'll look at good, bad and ugly. first the good.
5:59 am
an incredible little girl calls 911 when her mother who sufirs from lupus and falls down and caint speak. >> tell mommy help is under the way. >> lidia a hero for helping to save mom. unoited flight head to chicago forced to return to raleigh, carolina have to turn back after flight tapeds fight. and the ugly . if that was a path of destruction. it slams in two cars before plowing in a building. it is under investigation. the truck driver and another person was hurt. >> it is time to get all scrambled up with gretchen carlson. >> gretchen: you know what without -- rev


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